Let’s talk single use plastics!

Where do I begin? Our complacency around plastic is a constant source of unrest for my soul. I see a lot of casual disregard for our planet as I walk and whilst I fervently believe that this is often done without malice aforethought, we must somehow find a way to mobilise the masses to act. Plastic poisons and injures marine life. It disrupts human hormones, it clogs our waste systems and landfills and the exponential growth of plastic is now threatening the survival of our planet.

I feel an enormous responsibility to use my creativity to explore ways in which I can highlight the impact that plastic has upon our lives, whilst raising awareness by creating art out of the detritus I find when walking or that I rescue from peoples rubbish bins (with permission and often before it reaches their bin).

Bowline Rope is on display in a micro exhibition called Coast, that has been curated by David Cass, Joseph Calleja and also feature the late, Robert Callender. The main exhibition at An Talla Solais in Ullapool, is a combination of enthusiasm for the found object, coupled with a sense of responsibility to the environment. Works by Cass and Calleja can be seen alongside seminal pieces by artist Robert Callender in As Coastline is to Ocean.

Kinetic Seaweed

Bowline Rope and Seaweed are both made using discarded plastic bags.