I live in the Scottish Highlands, 15 miles north west of Inverness. The pace here is unhurried and there is a strong sense of history and heritage in every village and moorland glen; a landscape of close-shaven heathers and trees shaped by wind and time.

In an age of noise, distraction and technology, I am ever curious about those moments of clarity, when all the stresses and strains of our daily lives simply ebb away and we are left with silence amidst the chaos.

I always begin my working process by walking. I walk alone or in company, collecting physical objects, photographic imagery, conversations and feelings, making connections to people and place as I walk. The idea of ‘making’ used as a means to explore this meditative action, evolves into sculptural objects; points of reference or a reflective exercise for my memories, leading them back to those moments of stillness experienced whilst walking.