Working with copper, wood, stone and plastic bags, takes me on a journey of discovery that has an element of chance to any final outcome. Through walking, organic, abstracted sculptures are created. This simplifies the concepts that I am exploring; condensing my subjective experience, into tangible forms.

In a conversation between art critic Yvon Taillandier and artist Joan Miró, Miró stated that he was seeking,  ‘a motionless movement, something equivalent to what is called the eloquence of silence’. In an age of noise, distraction and technology, I walk and make, to find silence amidst the chaos; understanding within the storm.


Workshop participant:‘This was such an enjoyable workshop and Lar has such a gentle approach with everyone. When is the next one?’

Carrie Fertig, Installation & Performance Artist in Flame-worked Glass I want to thank the amazing, sensitive, and full-of-compassion invigilator at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. I am so deeply fortunate to have Lar MacGregor to guide visitors in whatever way they wish to experience this work.’

Ian McKay, Editor of Art North Magazine – ‘I’ve recently seen some new work that Lar‘s been developing with disposable plastics, and it really surpasses anything else that I’ve seen in this vein. Try and get a look at her plastic/kelp work. A fascinating kinetic use of materials that works on a multitude of levels. So much of what I see from a great many working with the detritus of our culture is pretty one-dimensional in comparison.’