RE working, RE imagining, RE assessing where my priorities lie for a sustainable practice.

I am a sculptor, blogger and walker based in the Scottish Highlands. I have exhibited nationally and internationally since my graduation in 2018, and have been published in magazines and online, with my writing.

Predominantly my work utilises discarded items found in scrapyards, skips and on the street. Combining my love of storytelling with the journey of the materials used, I produce unique artworks employing new and traditional, crafting techniques.

Walking and gathering stories, enables me to tap into the ebb and flow of the life happening around me; sitting quietly with nature to assist with understanding the actions of humans.

I continue to be excited by my processes and the possibilities that using other people’s scrap, can bring to my art. 


Workshop participant:‘This was such an enjoyable workshop and Lar has such a gentle approach with everyone. When is the next one?’

Carrie Fertig, Installation & Performance Artist in Flame-worked Glass I want to thank the amazing, sensitive, and full-of-compassion invigilator at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. I am so deeply fortunate to have Lar MacGregor to guide visitors in whatever way they wish to experience this work.’

Ian McKay, Editor of Art North Magazine – ‘I’ve recently seen some new work that Lar‘s been developing with disposable plastics, and it really surpasses anything else that I’ve seen in this vein. Try and get a look at her plastic/kelp work. A fascinating kinetic use of materials that works on a multitude of levels. So much of what I see from a great many working with the detritus of our culture is pretty one-dimensional in comparison.’