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Crete. The birthplace of Zeus, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and an island that boasts a wealth of landscapes from sandy beaches to the White Mountains. The Minoans […]

Wayfaring Map

What is a map? Why do we need them? I discovered deep mapping when I read a book by Tim Ingold. ‘Lines’ draws on multiple disciplines and examines what walking, […]

Wayfaring Chair

In 1966, Blandford Press released a series of books on rural Britain. Book number 8 in this series was by J.B. Wood. It was called ‘Growing and Studying Trees’. In […]

The Wayfaring Knots

Having used traditional rope-making techniques and gathered small quantities of the dominant plant species in each walk carried out, some interesting observations have been yielded in the resulting small scale […]

Contra s.t.

  ‘Night & Day’ is an upcoming exhibition at the Lochtorridon Centre and this small sculpture explores the narrative in the concept of contrast.  Spirals…symbolic of evolution and growth throughout […]


The purpose of this project is to use abstracted forms and thoughts to explore damage to self and environment through loss of connection to nature. Working with a maquette to […]

Abstract walks, abstract thoughts.

In the walking, mapping of my tracks and listening to the environments in which I walk, I am creating a picture of this project. Walking is not the usual way […]

Coiling with Caroline Dear.

Caroline Dear worked as an architect before her focus turned to art. Moving to the Isle of Skye in 1998, she began to respond to her natural environment and the […]

Rhythms of Nature

The conception of this new project: a soundscape, comes from a deep love of nature and my firm belief that people need nature in their life. With a substantial increase […]

More Janet Cardiff…

Sometimes, in order to discern what is, I need to sort out what isn’t. As someone who is very easily distracted by the possibilities of what art can do and […]

Walking, Talking and Mapping.

Walking and talking. Something most of us do every day without any regard as to how much our brains are thanking us for participating in this most basic of human […]

A Calder Christmas

Mobiles, stabiles and drawing with lines and air. Alexander Calder has had an enormous impact on my understanding of how simplicity and the understated has the power to connect us […]

Gestalt and me

Gestalt has its origins in Germany. Roughly translated it means ‘whole’, ‘pattern’ or ‘form’. In essence, it is an appreciation that things cannot be broken down into their component parts […]

The Gambia and beyond!

This is Fatou and she lives in The Gambia. In the shade of a Mango tree (Mangifera indica), she spoke about her traditions and beliefs surrounding the local herbs and […]

There is no planet B…

Observations and responses to a slow walk around the Old Port of Chania, Crete. The Cretans do their best to keep there home clean and free from litter with more […]

Just another autumn day?

Going for a walk is a daily occurrence for lots of us. We distractedly gather together our hats, gloves, scarves and head out into the leafy lanes and wander around […]

Pondering Poetic Pressure 

Pressure. Love it or hate it, for me it can result in a lot of creativity. I have happily been given the opportunity to create a piece of sculpture in […]

Suffering for my art….

My Collaborative Practice Module is proving to be tricky. I was brave and I followed through on the vow that I made myself through the summer break: to speak my […]

Walking, Talking and Mapping.

Walking and talking. Something most of us do every day without any regard as to how much our brains are thanking us for participating in this most basic of human […]


My Dad and I used to walk. We walked and we talked and sometimes we just sat and enjoyed each other’s silent company. Precious moments. My Dad has dementia now; […]

Cuboid Connection

Self awareness. I was thinking about a movie I watched with my partner and some friends and I commented that I didn’t usually like Bill Nighy. My partner replied to […]

Artist Proposal

‘One and Tree Chairs’ is an ode to the complexities of being present in the moment and is a concept that has grown from a walk in a woodland and […]