Caladar Arts- Artist Residency 2019

Cawdor Circular Burn

In recent years, there has been a notable increase of interest (both practical and theoretical) in ‘walking art’. It is a subject that has attracted critical attention in a number of disciplines, including anthropology and tourism. As an art practice, it has yet to be properly defined and interrogated, but it has a considerable history as well as an exciting present and more artists are seeing the value of the shared experience of walking, as a means of expressing their art.

My ‘Wayfinding Walks’ around the Cawdor Circular Burn, Cawdor, are proving to be a revelation of thoughts, feelings and actions. These intimate walks with friends and friends of friends, have already inspired me to truly interrogate my own art practice. My initial findings have surprised me.

This page will be regularly updated with my photographic journey of my interrogation and interpretation of walking art in the Highlands of Scotland.


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