A mini series exploring my values. First – LOCALITY

In this wee series of posts I hope to explain a little more about the values behind my art, and what influences are behind the art I make…


My definition of locality is: 1 – the fact or condition of having a location in space or time. 2 – a particular place, situation, or location.⁠

The work I produce is firmly rooted in Scotland or the North East of England. All of my inspiration comes from local walks, local sites and native landscapes in both of these locations. I use locally sourced materials whether they are copper, wood, HDPE, or stone and foraging in the local scrapyard is one of my favourite pastimes!

Working closely with other artists and makers with similar values, keeps me grounded. My recent work has developed around the UN Sustainable Development goals and a long term project with Applied Arts Scotland, in partnership with Creative Informatics. This new work sees some of the carrier bags collected over my ‘Covid-19 days’, being transformed into my vision of habitat and hope, as well as tree felling and pruning from my own garden, providing conversations for exploring place. (Images of this work to follow soon).

In brief, locality connects me with my sustainability aspirations, keeps me closer to my environment and more hopeful for my future self.

My next value is SUSTAINABILITY. I’ll publish this, soon! Thank you for reading…