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‘Mind mapping’ and the contours of an artist’s brain…


Wayfaring Chair: walking, nature and well-being.

Well-being; an illusive, mutable and desirable objective for each day.

MM 2019


Mind mapping: a new visual for using contours and labels to investigate routes for my new work.

Stillness. The point at which external distraction and noise, filters out of the psyche.

Why is it so difficult to maintain a sense of calm?


To maintain ‘stillness’, there must be continuous movement.

Walking = Movement = Stillness






  1. As always food fur thought ! Being still inside I think
    is so much harder than a still Exterior.
    I can only liken it to when as a dancer is stood completely still in the wings relaxing muscles ready for ‘flight’. Exterior calm at peace but inside a turmoil of emotions threatening to spill over into panic. It is only reading your words and looking at your map can see the pathways in my brain allowing for these polar opposites to inhabit my body. A small article lar but a huge amount of thinking for me. Thank you for bringing old feelings back into focus I will enjoy
    these long forgotten moments enveloping me once again. You never fail to give me food for thought.
    A million thanks

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