Caladar Arts, Artist Residency 2019


February 2019 begins with an exciting adventure into an artist residency at Caladar Arts, Cawdor, Scotland; two blissful months of immersion into creativity and contemporary art in the Scottish Highlands. Culminating in an exhibition, I will be walking, talking and sharing my way through with ‘Way Finder’ walking workshops (details to follow) and using this sharing to inform the eventual visual and sculptural outcomes.

Joining me in this adventure will be Victoria Caine, owner and visionary of Caladar Arts and Jack Kay, another Highland contemporary artist. As emerging artists in these Northern climes, we not only need to circumnavigate the usual barriers to success within the art world, but the lack of professional development opportunities in the Highlands and the resources in terms of time and money, needed to travel greater distances, are a barrier too.

I cannot thank Toria enough for believing in us and affording us this incredible opportunity. These two emerging artists shall indeed emerge in style!


(Photo credit to: Benji McGregor, local photographer)