The ‘art’ of walking

Happy New Year one and all.

Hope for a happy 2019 is to be found in the form of a special issue of ‘Interartive‘ an online magazine. My art project Wayfaring, was published in December 2018.

This pursuit of mine to create art around walking, is based on a firm belief that I am a better version of me when I am walking. Creating art that reflects my walking experience acts as a visual reminder that when life is overwhelming, art and nature gets me through. Keeping my art and my words honest, natural or repurposed, gives me the space to evolve and grow. Sharing that experience with others and allowing this process to become the focus of my art through walking, conversations and creativity supports my practice without compromising my awareness of environment.

February this year sees me begin an artist residency at Caladar Arts Cawder, in the Scottish Highlands. There will be workshops, walking and copious amounts of tea. I hope that some of you will join me.