The Wayfaring Knots

Having used traditional rope-making techniques and gathered small quantities of the dominant plant species in each walk carried out, some interesting observations have been yielded in the resulting small scale studies. This gathering and weaving created a deeper understanding of place and the conversations that ensued amongst participants tethered me to a moment frozen in time with each walk.

Wayfaring Series…

Rescue Knots

The knot. A join made by using woven material to bind, constrict and sometimes to decorate.

The relative knot efficiency, is the breaking strength of a knotted rope in proportion to the breaking strength of the rope without the knot. There are many variables involved in determining the breaking strength and therefore the value of a knot.

Much like any other form of storytelling, these handmade ropes and knots encapsulate the theatrics, the embellishing and the improvisation of any truly interesting tale.

Rescue Knots 2018