Contra s.t.

‘Night & Day’ is an upcoming exhibition at the Lochtorridon Centre and this small sculpture explores the narrative in the concept of contrast. 

Spirals…symbolic of evolution and growth throughout the ages. Found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals, energy patterns, weather, growth and death. Using silver wire to weave an infinity loop pattern, is representative of the dynamic and continuous rhythm and flow between polar principles as well as opposites; the silver colouring adding balance and neutrality, free from judgement.

Using a piece of discarded oak fence post allowed me to play with the interconnected components of the sculpture. Oak is a national symbol for strength and survival and is prized as a hardwood by furniture makers, crafters and artists alike. The memory cues triggered by the mix of materials and the symbolic nature of metal, wood, mathematical and geometric character all speaking of past experience and associations. 

Objects are collected, loved and discarded throughout our lives but we store memories of the collection and sometimes the loss of them. This  juxtaposition between emotional responses and the remnants of our interaction with the object creates the contrast upon which this sculpture is based.

Though not autobiographical as such,  Contra s.t. is a memory of a safe space: held safely within the grain of the Oak, given life in the silver spiral and a voice within the textures on its aged surfaces.