Abstract walks, abstract thoughts.

In the walking, mapping of my tracks and listening to the environments in which I walk, I am creating a picture of this project. Walking is not the usual way in which I create art and it has taken time for me to ‘feel’ my way with the new direction that my art practice has taken me. 

When I find myself on a woodland ride or in a quiet street, I find that to connect deeper with place and to learn to shift my focus and ‘see’ place with fresh eyes, the company of other walkers really helps.

The ‘Sunday Socials’ group is a walking group based in Moray-Shire. On an ad hoc basis, people from all walks of life gather at a mutually agreed point and go walking. Adults, children and dogs all sharing a space with the sole purpose of being outside and breathing in the fresh air and getting to know one another.

Mollie, Lar MacGregor

The rhythms of daily life are all the easier when I am able to take succour from moments spent being creative with others. Leaving small interventions in the landscape; where natural or built environment is the existing artwork, I can interact with the space and consider the sensory experience as I play with my art. Sounds, smells, feelings all component parts of the whole process of walking. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFree from judgement and open to possibility, the stories that we walk through each and every day leave an imprint on our memories. I am happy to be making memories to add to my databank.

As part of this project is to create a soundscape that walks the audience through a walking experience, I began looking at other artists for inspiration. Richard Long recorded here in February 1984, produced a soundscape that has a hypnotic quality to it. Using his voice to talk the listener through his experience, the meditative timbre of his voice is akin to the shipping forecast. Late night BBC Radio 4 have their forecasts recorded here. Comparing this with my own inquiry into sound opens up possibilities of having my own voice within the piece; another layer of memory to access and a chance  use sound as a catalyst and creative medium to stimulate a shift in consciousness.