Coiling with Caroline Dear.

Caroline Dear worked as an architect before her focus turned to art. Moving to the Isle of Skye in 1998, she began to respond to her natural environment and the relationship that she and the people around her had with place. Exploring the physical connections with the landscape she weaves grasses and local plant life into rope. A simple, visual communication between people and place.


100 Ropes/50 Plants is Caroline Dear’s response to that exploration; physically making ropes by hand using the plants that inhabit her personal landscape.

I am drawn to her use of materials and the way in which she places the past firmly but gently into the present. I want to reach out and feel the history in my hands.

On Sunday March 18th, I will be able to do just that. I am attending the first of a two-day workshop on the west coast of Scotland. In Cuaig, I shall learn how to weave my own stories under the tutor ledge of Caroline Dear herself. I am beyond excited. So, I shall gather grasses, rushes and pine needles. I will think about the stories that I want to tell; explore my own personal landscapes.

If you are interested in Caroline’s work you will find her website here.