Walking, Talking and Mapping.

Walking and talking. Something most of us do every day without any regard as to how much our brains are thanking us for participating in this most basic of human functions.

Growing up in Newcastle with a Dad that taught me the importance of walking for emotional as well as physical well-being, I am now embarking upon a project that will allow me to share this life tool with others.

Christian Nold had a notion in 2008 and using an artist designed ‘Bio Mapping Tool’ that, ‘measured the participants’ emotional arousal in relation to their geographical location in the city’ (See Christian Nold’s blog for more information). The map produced by his work is an inspiration. Shown below, and the accessed here: Download your own map


Christian Nold shows how innovative and interesting contemporary approaches to connecting art and human responses to their lives can be.

So, with my GPS in hand, waterproofs and a torch at the ready, I will be meeting with Elisabetta Rattalino, the Deveron Projects Arts & Community Worker. We will walk to the White Wood: a 9km, 2 hour walk that for me is a homage to Joseph Beuys and his 7000 Oak Trees which was his gesture towards urban green renewal and to Caroline Wendling who was the artist behind the Oaks and Amity Project with Deveron Projects.

This walk is also the beginning of my own project, ‘Rhythms of Nature’. I will be walking, talking, recording stories and sound and exploring the geographical land mass that we inhabit.