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Artist Statement

Transforming thoughts and emotions into sculptural pieces has allowed me to play with my art. The challenge for me has been to allow the free flow of ideas to become physical and three dimensional in form without pre-determining the outcome of my sculpture.

I have instinctive responses to my environment and using natural materials enables me to maintain my awareness of environment and habitat. We are all subject to biological, psychological and sociological conditions and my interest in how I preserve a positive approach to life continues to inform my work.

In the natural world, I find a truth that is hidden from me when I am in urban spaces. My perception of self becomes distorted by other truths and I lose my sense of place. Surrounding myself with flora and fauna; using simple forms in my sculptures, has empowered me. The benefits of sustaining positive mental health through connections with my environment prevail.

Mindfulness and minimalism seems to have become the underlying influence behind my work having explored aspects of individual responsibility and community. Utilising the power of saying more with less, I have enjoyed the process of paring down detail, texture and imagery to its simplest form whilst being sensitive to the messages that I am conveying.

Drawing from this experience, I will continue to investigate the roll that memory has in my responses and look deeper into how to calm my mind to facilitate growth; working with the rhythms in nature to enable my innate need to learn to be present in each moment and step away from chaos.

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