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“Shocking Culture”

Culture Shock. Thats the theme for an exhibition at Lot 18 in the Victorian Market in Inverness. We were tasked with this project at the end of our degree year. We are now about to embark upon our honours year and you will no doubt be thinking that the piece I am submitting is ready to go. You would be wrong. In the words of a wise man this theme has “led me up a blind alley!”

So, what to do? Step back. Breathe. Think about my own art practice and allow that to guide me through the alley and back to clarity.

Monoculture is the practice of growing a single crop over large areas of land. Continuous use of this practice year on year, can lead to a rapid increase and spread of pests and diseases where a uniform crop is susceptible to particular pathogens.

Thinking about these processes and walking through the tree lined rides induces a sense of claustrophobia, feelings of isolation and disorientation.

Devoid of diversity, the lack of birdsong awakens in me a despair that drives me away from these giant tombs and back to the plantation edges where flora and fauna fight to survive.

‘Vortices’ was borne out of the maelstrom of negative emotions experienced.

Uniform. Linear. Ghostly. Environmentally devastating.


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