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Room to Discover

It’s been and gone. I got up this morning full of trepidation and now it’s over and I’m unsure about how I feel: so appreciative of being able to use the space at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery and so nervous having done my presentation in front of my placement boss, my lecturer and my peers.

Presenting your work is a complicated process and achieving a balance between enough, not enough and just stop now that’s too much, is not easy…and the tiredness! Nobody talks about the tiredness after you have given a presentation; adrenaline disappearing over the edge of your own precipice into a murky pond of doubt over the things you could have said and done! Breathe…

My final book for my degree is sitting there full of all the fear, frustration, exhilaration and achievements that I have experienced since that chilly morning in January.

Applying to do my placement somewhere that I thought was beyond my abilities to cope with is definitely the way forward in increasing self worth, self esteem and confidence.

The lessons I have learnt over this period is that I can reach beyond my skill set and try to reimagine who I am and what I want beyond my degree but things are rarely where or what you expect them to be.

Overall, I am happy with my levels of engagement in my learning. I am happy with the choices I have made and I am sure that no amount of self critique will change what is done. So, moving forward, I will begin my third and final hand in tomorrow and begin agonizing over more nonsense; I mean art theory in relation to my art practice… In the meantime I will speak to anyone who will speak with me about art and life whilst I sit all alone in the Room to Discover…I wonder if I have created my own barrier to my art and conversation, by sitting in a corner and staring at passers by longingly…Tut!

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  1. All that trepidation. .. I can feel it. !!…   Where &  why we come by it the first place e is a mystery.. But you did it and …. If art is meant to. Engage….,  inspire. ..,  provoke  reaction  And inform the viewer ….  You can certainly  say you have achieved these !! ‘ loved your wee dig.. ‘ all that nonsense. .’   We are all guy of over thinking stuff !!!!!!        Let it be   . Breathe.     Xxx Xxx Xxx

    Sheila Bates.  01445 791365   0752 3113 642 Sent from Samsung Mobile.

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