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Three books full…

Three collaborations, three books full of information and meanderings…of course I have been on one bookbinding workshop and hand stitching the handmade recycled cotton grass pages was a good idea when I initially thought of it because how difficult could it be? When will I learn?

I tried as much as possible to link the collaboration to the book: Influere and Little Bird has a brass cover with bark like markings, Rooted in Sound has a bark cover and Flow has a copper cover to connect as much as possible with the materials I used for the sculptures they relate to.

The single page Coptic binding gave mixed results and though it worked well for the scroll like book wrapped in bark, the brass proved to be very heavy and I have concerns for the papers’ durability with pressure being placed on the binding stitches when opening the cover.

Copper is trully beautiful and has so many possibilities for future pieces.

Birch with scroll.

One hand in down. Two to go!

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