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Alchemical romance

I don’t know about you, but I get really excited about alchemy; neurons firing off in every direction at the visual delight that is carbon dioxide, moisture and copper!

My third and final collaboration this semester is now underway and I began with grand plans of using copper in various forms, and fibre. I was going to investigate river systems, external forces, public art and wellbeing…tut. I always over complicate things.

Looking for inspiration and a modicum of common sense I flicked through dozens of images on the internet til I found Mary Morris. Mary says of her work that “Places reveal and conceal their past and provide a sort of visual archaeology”.

Reading this and seeing images of her work I began to think about my own work with my eye and my thoughts resting on the words “reveal” and “conceal” in her artist statement.

This tendency I have to over think and over complicate clouds my ability to see the message I am trying to convey and the themes I am exploring become lost.

Richard Serra uses simple shapes and lines and it is this simplicity that I intend to focus on when working through the initial sketches for my copper sculpture. Mary Morris uses a modular approach but again uses simple lines and form; both techniques allow the viewer to experience the work without being visually over stimulated.

“Reveal” and “conceal” …I want the viewer to be drawn in: to be visually stimulated. I also want to invite exploration through texture, line and form. Keeping things simple and leaving space for the materials to do that for me is what I intend for this piece.

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