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Richard Serra and beyond!

“Between the Torus and the Sphere” by Richard Serra is one of those seminal works that have had an enormous impact on my artistic development. His assertion that an object should be valued beyond its form, creating sculpture that expanded on space and temporal factors and actively encouraged the viewer to experience his site-specific art; moving around, through and sometimes on his intervention in their landscape has led me to make breakthroughs in my understanding of my own art.

Today I was gifted some Copper sheets. I am beyond excited by this wondrous gift and for the first time in weeks, I feel that my third collaborative piece is finally beginning to take form.

The patina, the size, the shape, the malleability and the potential for its light reflective qualities has filled my head with an array of fleeting images of flow and movement and shelter and warmth and safety and humanity.

I am so full that I even picked up some charcoal and committed these fleeting images to paper; tis a rare thing indeed for me to draw but I am fit to burst and preventative strategies had to be employed!

So where is this taking me? I have a meeting with my lovely neighbourhood doctors about neurons, I have to arrange a meeting with Scottish Waterways about river systems, I am waiting for confirmation from a company in Glasgow about a timeline and I will have to be very firm with myself so that I do not neglect my written work over the forthcoming weeks.

Navigating my own doubts and allowing myself to grow is not easy. Honestly it’s not. I can get in my own way and trip myself up on many occasions and get confused over the why never mind the how of a piece.

In my recent work I came to the realisation that interaction with my work is important to me. What I have learnt from looking at Richard Serra’s work is that interaction can take many forms in itself: the viewer does not have to physically interact with the sculpture for them to experience it but being able to move around, or through or even on a sculpture, changes both the space it inhabits and the feelings or questions that it elicits from the viewer.

My growth may be slow but its steady, and moving forward even at a snail’s pace is still forward motion.


  1. Response as ever, is everything…. to materials, thoughts, reactions, space, emotions ,words , friendship.
    Your capacity to share your responses is as inspiring as ever!

    Liked by 1 person

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