The end and the beginning


It is a complex process imagining a sculpture. I wander through a seemingly endless stream of possibilities that can be hampered along the way by a multitude of challenges. Tiredness being one of them!

….and thats it isn’t it? Tiredness. We are all so tired. Whole communities that are worn down with survival and anxiety creeping in through every nook and cranny. Teens self-harming. Adults self medicating with alcohol and the latest gadget or “must have thing” from some corporate sponsor that doesn’t care if you can afford to buy their three for two offers!

We are surrounded by negative imagery and we have the media driving a train of destruction through every town delivering bad news to your living room, sexualised views of what our children should aspire to and making fun of our elders that have a wealth of experience to share if we would just STOP and listen.

So lets just do that. Lets just stop for a while. Listen to the stillness and tell me you don’t hear birdsong or children’s laughter. Tell me you don’t smell the earth after the rain or see the need for humanity to start being kind to one another just because. Tell me, that you don’t want to swim in waters that are as deep as forever and wash away the things that trouble you or scare you…

It begins by listening. Listening to that little voice within that says there are more good people than bad; that there is more good in the world than our media or governments want you to see. Fear and negativity drives us when sharing our wealth and our wisdom could restore our faith in community, in self, in tomorrow being worth getting up for. That is what Rooted in Sound is about. It is about learning to stop, just for a moment. Listening and playing and being young and wild and free and believing that in that moment, there in the woods, is the only moment that matters.

Scotlands Creative Learning Plan was introduced in 2013 to create a vision of creative engagement in our educational systems, but creative engagement begins with us. With me. Wellbeing begins with being well; with learning to be happy. Today, watching the children running around, listening to their laughter and being part of that energy is what creative learning is really about.