Rooted in Sound

Today was an exciting day. I made sound! Admittedly, the sound was not altogether tuneful, but I made sound nonetheless.

Creative learning is a gift we give to our children and in 2013 Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan was born. This plan was the result of a partnership of organizations working across Scotland through education and creative establishments. The plan sets out a vision for creativity in education over the next 10 years and each of the organisation’s involved will implement a series of actions that will aim to raise the quantity of creative learning opportunities across Scotland, as well as the quality. You can find a pdf of the plan here: Creative Scotland

Rooted in Sound is my attempt to enable young children to explore their surroundings with renewed vision; to investigate their familiar spaces and find something new and exciting within it. The Creative Learning Plan states that creativity is: “The capacity to generate ideas that have value to the individual, to look at familiar things with a fresh eye”.

As an artist I truly believe that we have a responsibility to excite in others a belief that magic happens when you look at anything and everything with a fresh eye. When we suspend what we think we know and replace this knowing with the possibility of a different outcome.

Teaching our children that magic is out there and that it can be there’s to hold is surely key to our communities growing and developing, with a sense of safety that togetherness brings.

If we each of us add just a little to this creative journey and reawaken our inner child to act as facilitator, I would indeed be one happy hippy!