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“We’re all just winging it”

Today I had a meeting with Cigarbox Don. He is a friend of a friend and it was my lecturer that suggested I spoke with him, not knowing I knew him already. We often neglect the resources close at hand….Thank goodness for good lecturing staff and those little reminders to think outside our cigar boxes!

You see, I began this brief with a vision to provide an installation that would encourage creative learning for the nursery children of the UHI. I knew I would have some steep learning curves because anyone who knows me, knows that I do not play an instrument let alone understand the theories behind how to make one. This is where some creative learning on my part comes in: Cigarbox Don to the rescue; sweeping in on his turbo charged Ivy-Vine guitar and a vast array of knowledge. I sigh with relief and something deep inside quiets my little antagonist that has been plaguing me with doubt.

Don showed me many different alternative forms of sound making. The resounding response from Don however when I explained my dillema was that I needed a sound box if I hoped to get resonant sound. These words I had hoped not to hear during this meeting!

I suppose what is happening though in my own practice is that I am learning to work more collaboratively. Reaching out and then reflecting on process, using informed strategies to circumnavigate challenges and constantly remembering to focus on the “how”, “what”and “why” of a piece is becoming a more natural process. So now I have been back to Forestry and looked again at my risk assessment and the practicalities of positioning and the how of creating a sound box….watch this space Don: we may all be winging it, but I’m beginning to enjoy the ride and I thank you for your support.

You can hear Don play this beautiful home made instrument on the Guitar World website; he won an award for his endeavours. Listen here:  Ivy-Vine Guitar

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