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Understanding Public Art

I am a student of that little understood art world. I am a “city” girl that was surrounded by public art, now living in a country environment where there isn’t very many public art works, and I see the art in Public Art from many perspectives: love, hate and the ever popular “What the hell is that”…..

On my way to my internship at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, I walked through this subway. It made me stop, as it always does. I love this space. I get lost in the images; wonder about the stories behind those moments caught on camera.

It seems to me that this is a success story: lots of community engagement, cross generational support and even though these are 2D representations they have a presence and physicality that reaches out and grabs you.

As you lose yourself in the photography it suddenly dawns on you: there’s no vandalism. None. This unique subway has been left alone and respected as a community space and it is this that gives me hope that it is possible to work creatively with people, to help them help themselves and improve their environment without alienating them from the process.

Public Art does not have to be lost in translation. With due diligence, consultation with a wider audience, maybe even co-curation, the public could be brought on board with Public Art resulting in a happy outcome for all concerned.

…..but I haven’t finished my degree yet. I’m still trying to get my head around the process. I’m just a student that believes that “the public”, business owners and local government want to live in an environment that is uplifting, clean and safe.

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  1. You are a member of said public too , and it does just show that involvement = ownership. It works as people and their lives are interesting…..we all love to be nosy and it shows the goings on of the area and enough is left unsaid to make up our own stories behind the images. Which engages another set of public in another way.

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