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LOST adjective (Place Unknown)

I am lost on a sea of possibilities. My head is swimming with thoughts and my body is tense with frustration and I know not where to go or what to do to move myself on from these feelings: the impossibility of the indeterminate numbers of possibilities!

What do I know:

  1. I know that I prefer sculpture as an expression and deliverance of theme.
  2. I know that I get excited by a variety of materials such as fibre, wood, metal, found objects.
  3. I know that I prefer to make a sculpture that the viewer can interact with through touch: that the physicality of the sculpture can draw the viewer towards it and implore them to feel its presence with more that just their eyes.
  4. I know that I like to work in a transdisciplinary way: developing new rules for engagement that do not necessarily follow the rules of the informing disciplines but allow the viewer to perceive the commonplace differently.
  5. I know that I am trying to move my work forward and develop the way in which I interpret a brief that is distinctly me.
  6. I know that I am limited by funds and space to explore my art and that this sending me into a spiral of confusion.
  7. I know that I need to carry on researching other artists and examine their methods to get a deeper understanding of the “why” and “how” of their work, to better inform my own.

Converge intransitive verb moving towards one point or another……

Bringing together what I know and weaving together the skills and materials that excite me will enable me to produce work that I am proud of and to develop a sense of what my own art practice is.

Who/What excites me:

  • Richard Shilling – Land Art, Environmental, Participatory (working with nature to create ephemeral pieces)
  • Michael Fairfax – Public Art, Environmental, Participatory & Site Specific (creating sculpture and design the materials around him to create coherence in the environment)
  • Anita Bruce – Textile Artist looking at science, biodiversity and loss of habitat
  • Richard Serra – Public Art, Collaborator, Site Specific, Participatory and Trandisciplinary
  • Peggy Osterkamp – Educator, Weaver, Textile Art
  • Reinhoud Oudshoorn – Installation Art, Explores the space between 2D & 3D using sculptural drawings to express in visual terms, his surroundings and perception of space
  • Kyomi Iwata – Installation Art, sculptural pieces exploring cultural divergence and convergence of East and West

What do I REALLY know:

  • I need to focus my creativity
  • I need to embrace the materials I love and explore their limits
  • I need to examine the effects that colour, form and texture have on me
  • I need to learn to be true to my own creative needs; be inspired by other artists and students, but be congruent in my own work
  • I know that I need to believe in myself, stop thinking and start doing!!!

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