Nomadic Boulders

Oh what joy: bouldering around the Nomadic Boulders on a blustery day at John ‘O’ Groats with the lure of the Pentland Skerries tantalizingly close and the Orkney coastline whispering of stories untold….

Dalziel & Scullion are Scottish Environmental Artists and were enticed to produce a sculpture that responds to the energy and power of the Pentland Firth and its environs, where gigantic boulders are tossed around like pebbles in a pool. Sea-farers have given the these tidal races and overfalls names such as The Boars of Duncansby, The Merry Men of Mey, The Swelkie and The Liddel Eddie, as they lend brevity to a whirlpool of danger lying between the mainland and the romance of the islands visable from John ‘O’Groats.

You really do “feel” the power in the sculpture that’s sits in the landscape; want to stare wistfully out to sea and dream of people and places long forgotten in the memories of man. That is where the magic lies: in feeling art. Our eyes are prone to doubt and judgement, swayed by popular belief or the doctrines of the day….but feeling art, giving yourself up to the materials used, the space in which it sits and the emotions that it ignights, good or bad, is what makes art for me. Travelling to see this is definitely one of the perks of being on placement with the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. Lucky little me!