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Rootling, walking, thinking and doing….

Today was a full on busy kind of day. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good day: a day full of laughter and problem solving, gratitude and pondering. Cleaning and moving a root plate is a surprisingly complicated process!

This day began early. 2.56am to be precise. One of the pitfalls when you are doing a degree is that your brain often disobeys your tired little body and remains thoughtful, active and annoying. At 6.32am the alarm went off and the morning rituals began. By 9.17am I was drinking my third hot beverage and pondering my breakfast bagel whilst heading towards the chosen root plate.

To do list:

  • Clean excess dirt and stones from roots using small implements
  • Carefully lift and replant the mosses and Oxalis growing around the root plate
  • Wash the root down using a power washer to remove the remaining debris
  • Wait patiently whilst the Forestry Technician decides how to proceed with the uplift

Cleaned and ready and next on the list is preparing it for removal. This took some doing as it turned out and the “all we need to do is” statement turned out to be “hmmmm that didn’t work”.

The trunk was cut observing all health & safety guidelines and the small digger (2.7 tonne) brought in to lift, reposition and remove the root plate.

The 2.7t digger was too small….bring on the Landini with fork lift capabilities and whilst a soundtrack that speaks of challenges overcome plays in my mind the Technician gets “stroppy” with the roots and prepares to try again.

Success! After a long day full of highs and lows but mostly highs, the root plate is dropped off within the boundaries of its final placement.

As the sun sets, we walk off with my little orchestra of music still playing in my head and a sense of accomplishment and gratitude floating off into the ether.

To do list for today….

  • Done it all…..


  1. I am amazed at all the preparation I am sure when complete no one would even begin to think of the journey made. I am so pleased that despite an on going battle with nature and machinery the mosses etc were ‘re planted to thrive as nature intended. An act of kindness to earths bounty. I await the continuing journey.

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