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Victorian Market-Book Launch Collaborative


Toria, Jack, Dulcie and I have our Collaborative Practice module project on view at the Victorian Market from December 15th until January 13th. We have not been the most organised bunch but we do appear to be getting there. Collaborations continue to be a strange and wondrous world of confusion, life event delaying, problem solving filled extravaganza of fun and I am most certainly not being dissuaded from thinking this is an option for my future.

  • We have statements at the ready – but not quite up yet.
  • We have images of our work to link the statement with the artwork – but not actually printed yet.
  • We have a timetable all ready so that the general public and staff at the Victorian Market will know when the space will be manned – it’s just not available to view yet.
  • We have copies of the poems that our work is about – we just don’t have them from the poet yet.

BUT, our work is there and there is a sense of accomplishment despite the chaos and another must do better/differently sticker being handed out.

Thank you to Toria for printing things out for us even though Kyla the dog is just out of surgery!


“Lavender”, “Little Bird”, “Phoenix” and “Wing”


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