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Big cube, Little cube

More welding tonight. Hexagonal mild steel is tricky and trying not to focus on straight lines and 90° angles even harder.

I need the external cubes to be irregular so I used the magnetic set square to get started but used my eye after that trying to get a slight “lean” and “twist” without making it impossible to get everything in line to join the other square.

After making a hexagonal cube, I made a very small cube using threaded rod. This I made a little more squint so that the lean is more obvious. It is getting easier to be inexact and in the words of my friend Emily I’m “embracing the scribble” and learning to allow the creative process to dictate the line and not my tendencies towards perfecting every process.

With the two cubes made, I sat the smaller one inside the larger and with help from some photo editing software and using double exposure, I did a mock up of the look I’m hoping to achieve. I will be using other materials on the external cubes to hide the inner core of each piece and create a hidden aspect to the sculpture, but I am very happy with the cubes so far and the scope of the sculpture.

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