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Cube ‘ism’

In the early twentieth century, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque began to reinterpret reality by bringing a different view of subjects (usually objects or figures) together in the same painting, producing some revolutionary abstracted imagery and an art movement was born that became know as Cubism.

Now, though I do not paint (perish the thought of picking up a paint brush) I got to thinking about the “different views” aspect of abstract.

Self-awareness is a curious creature and trying to represent it in sculptural terms is a challenge, so looking at other art forms and artists can often instill that illusive spark of inspiration just as the embers of hope die.

Welding is more difficult than it looks and even more difficult when you go against your nature and deliberately make things wrong….or right according to the needs of the sculpture. I’m making a series of cubes that have different metals of different shapes and sizes and need to have been touched by life’s trials and tribulations. To that end, I am cutting them slightly short or a little squint and even branching out into wonky. It’s stressful!

I am using as many different metals as possible and trying different ways to “stick” them together. I don’t have all the terminology down yet. (Please forgive me Debbie, my Canadian professional welder cousin). So far I have tried welding mild steel and I will progressing to braising soon to tackle the brass I have cut….it’s all very new and exciting and just a little scary if I’m honest.

Not too shabby for my first attempts at welding. This week I may actually breathe whilst I’m doing it!

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