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Roamin’ in the gloamin’

So, off to Torridon I go to collect one of my sculptures from the gallery so that it can be submitted for the Practical Skills Module. It is late afternoon on Saturday and the journey is calming my senses. (Tendrillar is the little one with stones wrapping around it and part of the ‘Out There in Torridon’ exhibition)

In this last few days I have finished my sketchbook…sort of..there is always something to tweek. Started on an evaluation of my performance this semester, almost finished my sculpture for my first collaboration with the lovely Debbie (my Perth student) and messaged her to finalize how we present the two pieces of art. Helped Claire over two days to set up her amazing Breathing Space in the Victorian Market in Inverness. Started and stopped my essay and almost cried when I looked at another piece of writing to be done for the Collaborative Practice Module and given to us on Wednesday last week. Taken some photographic images of ‘Little Bird’ so that the Canadian publisher can have studio images for the website….more may be needed… quality photographs are not so simple.

I would like to ask if you see me wandering the streets looking vague, remind me who I am, where I live and maybe give me a reviving cup of tea….

Photograph courtesy of all round super hero friend that kept me going in the wee small hours: Vicky Flood


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