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Cuboid Connection

Self awareness. I was thinking about a movie I watched with my partner and some friends and I commented that I didn’t usually like Bill Nighy. My partner replied to this statement by saying “Thats because you’re judgemental darlin”……I almost burst! I was absolutely speechless because anyone that knows me, knows that I work very hard to not be judgemental in any shape or form and I could not understand why he would have said this most cruel of things.

However, we do judge. I judge. I don’t mean to, but we do seem to put one another into little tidy boxes of fixed and oversimplefied ideas of who or what a person is or is not.

As I continue to explore identity and self awareness, I began to think of how I could translate this into something visual. People who have a gruff exterior can have the gentlest of hearts and the core of who we are is generally good.

It is the contrast between the  outer and inner self that intrigues me and it is this that I am representing with my choices in materials.

Using a horizontal band saw, I began cutting metal rods into varying lengths so that when welded together, each will make a different sized cube, representing the individual within a community. I use thin mild steel rods coated in copper, thicker threaded rod and hexagonal steel to begin with, testing out how they react and always keeping in mind that I am attempting to reflect the rougher exterior of humanity and therefore the aesthetic is different.

I find this a distraction in a sense as they aren’t pretty or tactile in an obvious way but after looking at and then discarding the gentler and more visually appealing alloys, I chose these harder looking metals as they impart the feeling of being untouchable or aloof better than the softer silver metals.

Keeping in mind that I am making this sculpture in a modular fashion, I will need to keep reviewing how it will be presented when I finish all of the cubes and why I am presenting it that way.

Points to consider:

  1. How many cubes and why that number?
  2. Does each cube have an internal cube?
  3. What materials will I use for the internal cubes to contrast the cold, dull external cube?
  4. Do the cubes join together and if so are they aligned or misaligned?
  5. If they are separate, what sort of spacing is appropriate and why?
  6. How many of the cubes will have added layers, linking the cube’s framework?
  7. What materials will be used for the added texture and form on those linking layers?

So many things to consider….think, think, think, sleep….zzz


  1. That’s a lot of thinking …… I was lured to the contrast of a conversation as it forms on its tree and then you start writing about metal. LOVE the way the brain works. Hope you have woken up inspired .

    Liked by 1 person

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