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Glasgow bound-Bespoke Atelier, a day in the life of….

Another trip, another city….being on the road can be tough: good company, interesting destinations and picnics on the college minibus….

Seeing the other side of an art project is an entirely different affair. It grows, develops and changes all at its own pace with unexpected pitfalls along the way. Frustrations and insecurities seem commonplace but have to be taken in context. Thanks to the generosity of Yvonne at Bespoke Atelier, we were able to get a little insight into how these processes work.

A collaboration between businesses, individuals or groups will always have variables that cannot be accounted for and the one thing that has stood out from this trip is that being aware of and accepting the delays and unforeseen circumstances that will always hijack the process of public art at some point in the proceedings is the key to survival.

So points to consider:

  • Work with people you can rely on
  • Work in a field you enjoy
  • Be open to possibilities
  • Always offer tea to visitors!

Thank you to Lisa Brandon for allowing me to use her group photograph taken in The Glue Factory in Glasgow whilst visiting Bespoke Atelier.

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