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Graham Fagan- a creative insight.

Graham Fagan

Seeing Graham Fagan’s work at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery ( last night was enlightening; giving insight into Scotland’s history of strong links to the slave trade. His video installation (The Slave’s Lament) composed by Sally Beamish, performed by the Scottish Ensemble and sung by Ghetto Priest, provided an atmospheric edge to the other work and was really quite haunting, seeping into your soul and staying there. The Bard’s 1792 piece means something very different now.

His Rope Tree was immense in size with an almost ominous presence in the room and the combination of music and tree had a sobering effect.

Then there were teeth……Scheme for Lament….

I was quite bewildered by the shift in style, but fortunately, the artist gave some explanation and insight into the why behind the teeth and all became…clearer? I have to say that the link between teeth and commonality as a leveller and a search for consciousness is not one I would have made, but I applaud him for doing so. The mask like Indian Ink that the teeth sat in was a lovely connection to Venice also and the Venice Biennale being the original destination for these pieces, is also appropriate.

I did not take photographs. Too worried about getting to Eden Court for the book launch that my own little sculpture was being shown at…..I am irritated that I forgot, but assuring myself that it may have been frowned upon…..that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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