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Metal is not wood!

Working with metal is not easy. Blades bite differently and there is flex in the metal requiring clamps to secure it. Brass is allegedly a soft metal but taking into account the broad blade on the jig-saw that I’m using at home and my lack of knowledge in working with metal, I find the whole process of cutting Little Bird out, very tiring and stressful! Hurrumph!

Week 3 at Creative Metalwork class

Experimenting with a scrap piece of Steel to try out the pinch roller gave me confidence to try with one of the test birds. I use the “wrong” bird and put it in at an angle, then begin to turn the roller adjusting as I go. This produces a nice curve but not in the right direction as I suspected would be the case. The metal then gets stuck on the roller and does not move easily. I ask for help from the lecturer and he takes me through to another room with an awe inspiring machine with much larger proportions. I try again and get a better curve with no sticking.

Going back into the machine class, I begin the polishing process on Little Bird. To do this I attach a buffing disk on to a drill, I add polishing compound to the edges by turning the drill on and holding  the compound against the discs edges. It is important to achieve  even coverage when doing this.

Polish, polish….sigh….polish more….sometimes creating is tedious!

Encouraged I return to the roller with and move on to the second steel bird, but using a different angle and I begin the same process again. Taking each phase of the curling slowly and assessing and adjusting as I go, results in a curve that matches my abstract image of a bird and to being brave enough to do the same thing with Little Bird.

Because I need the brass to stay clean, the lecturer wraps the rollers with template paper…..deep breath and in she goes

Oh how beautiful she is; Mother energy radiating out of her like a beacon of light. I am so, so happy…..and proud of myself for capturing the abstract bird in brass that I envisaged in my planning.

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