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Pondering Poetic Pressure 

Pressure. Love it or hate it, for me it can result in a lot of creativity. I have happily been given the opportunity to create a piece of sculpture in response to a poem. -Information on the new book by Marcas Mac an Tuairnier can be found here:

This mark making in the above imagery, was found in a metalwork workshop and I love the bark like textures that have appeared on the surface of the workbench. I am being inexorably drawn to working with metal for this piece.

I chose a poem called “Little Bird”. I contacted the student that created this opportunity to ensure my choice was ok. This is another piece for Collaborative Practice and there are several other students involved including a Perth student, so it was important to communicate immediately to ensure my choice of poem. I also contacted the poet himself and firstly thanked him for offording us the chance to respond to and to interpret his writing, as well as for being so generous in allowing us to read his poems  before the launch of his book at Eden  Court Theatre, Inverness.

To do list:

  • Read and absorb the poem
  • Allow time for the reading to seep into my soul
  • Stop crying
  • Read the poem again
  • Begin to pull out key words and phrases that have resonance
  • Stare off into the distance and consider what the poem means to me
  • Stop crying
  • Take some charcoal for a walk across a page in my sketchbook and allow the abstraction to dictate where and what it looks like
  • Think about texture, light, shadow, movement, strength, fragility, love….

  • Think about synchronicity and the way I am so connected to Oak in my current work
  • Think about whether the sculpture will be free standing or wall mounted
  • Think some more
  • Don’t panic!


    • All three would be correct. It is a beautiful poem and touches the very heart of what I’m trying to sculpt right now. Thank you for wondering and asking…


  1. Crying should it be consider bad?
    In some way a failure, not achieving your goals.
    No it’s positive it’s your inner voice bursting out, it’s passion, inspiration, release and after the storm brings clarity.
    Skies of blue sun on a rainy day, glistening snow on leaves like the tears dried on your cheeks.
    They are you let it happen let your inner voices have the freedom to express with all emotions none are negative they are you. Lar the sculptress. It’s REAL xx

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