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Christmas CD anyone?

Well here we have it. This is my second year with an offering as an emerging artist at the Inchmore Gallery and I still had the same nerves, the same doubts….there is are subtle differences though, in that I am beginning to feel that though I am not an artist yet in my own mind, I am having flutterings of a thought that I could be in my future!

So, the two pages that I submitted are reflective pieces that emerged from the Artists’ Book I made last semester. Out of the Ruins was looking at community and how we as individuals are connected to our communties, gather strength and support through the people around us, much like the trees within a woodland take sustenance and nutrients from the environment that they inhabit.


“Holly” and “Birch” are also looking at the sense of dread many of us have upon entering the colder months of hibernation….and yet looking at the Holly tree, we are reminded that there is still succour in the greyness of our landscape; still hope and light and an inevitable warmth to be had in the pioneering Birch that beckons us towards Spring and rebirth, light and positivity.


Take heart in the urban swell that Nature will always be there to ground us and give us a key to opening the doors that we ourselves forget to open.

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