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From little acorns…..

Oak. A native tree that symbolizes strength and protection; bringing with its vast canopy a sense of calm and a reflective space to just sit with the stillness, listen to the birds communing in its branches or let your thoughts travel to unknown lands and happy days.


Birch is beautiful too and I almost used Birch for this sculpture, looking to its vitality and will to survive….Oak however, suits the brief for this sculpture on many levels. Oak is my tree in tree lore terms, being the tree for June and my month of birth. The Oak has a deep connection with my family and so is the natural choice for representing a piece that is about family. Oak is also full of texture and carries with it an array of tints and tones in its grain, which adds to the layers of meaning behind the artwork.

So, having chosen a log that was felled several years ago to minimalise the risk of splitting during the carving process, I hoped that the decay on the outermost edges of the trunk would not detract from the wood below it. I will have a better idea once the log is cut.

Having asked the technician the the Scottish School of Forestry at Balloch ( to cut the log into a two thirds one third section, I stand back and cross my fingers that the log will be viable.

Oh my… is so beautiful! I do still need to make the final decision when I begin to remove the dead fibrous layer once the log is home. My deadline for the sculpture is November 7th so though there is some pressure, as long as I manage my time and the log is good….it will be fine…..eek!

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