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It’s only words!

Well, my scanner no longer scans wirelessly and so my foray into image transfer has been hampered. Ignoring my urge to sulk, I ploughed on and brushed the transfer medium on to the inkjet copy, face side up. Stroking the words gently and with care as if they would disappear if I brushed too hard with the foam applicator. I then used a brayer to press down on the image that I had placed on to the surface, face side down. The brayer struggled with some of the contours and textures but I removed as many of the air bubbles as possible from the objects I was experimenting with.

Things to consider:

  • How does this experiment dictate or limit my choice of tree for the main sculpture?
  • Do I rethink whether to use wood or try stone or slate instead?
  • Which material best suits and represents my brother?
  • Do I want the words to be clear and completely visible, or does it work better to have them fade and disappear to emphasise the “echo” of the words in the poem?
  • If we are going to combine our separate artworks to present the final collaborative piece, how much does that influence the design of the sculpture?

Overall I am satisfied with my first attempts at image transfer. It definitely makes a difference with the end result when the wood is very textured as the wording disappeared when I removed the paper. Lessons learnt this time:

  1. Clean all surfaces, dirt/grime interferes with the bond on the surface.
  2. Choose as smooth a surface as possible.
  3. Remove the paper in stages so that the wording stays entact.
  4. Fix the scanner so that I can flip the image and the writing will not be back to front!

Now all I need to do is decide on the surface I will ultimately use for the sculpture and experiment with that!

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