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Dundee Contemporary Art, Katy Dove and a Monday miracle…

9am. Mini bus ride to Dundee. Good company and peripheral thoughts about my expectations of the trip. Printmaking is not something that fills me with excitement but I am trying to suspend my judgment and go with the flow.

Upon arrival, we have an opportunity to view the Katy Dove exhibition.

We wander into Gallery 1 and we see very simple, almost deconstructed paintings on the walls that look good from a distance but not so much up close. At this point I’m feeling a little confused by the fuss surrounding her work. Then, we go into Gallery 2 and I find myself transfixed, transported and mesmerized by the imagery and sound that surrounds me; all of the crude images in the previous gallery are hung together in a seemless flow of movement and sound and I LOVE IT!

I am suddenly swamped by a one to one discussion I had had with my Practical Skills lecturer a couple of weeks prior when he asked what I was trying to convey in my work. Happiness and light and posivity, I answered. What does your sculpture say to you if you are the viewer looking for happiness, light and positivity? Nothing much I answered….an object…..

…..and that’s it isn’t it? We are sentient beings. We need to connect with everything around us and when you’re doing a course that involves public engagement then you have to reach people in a tangible way with a sometimes intangible essence. Development of my own practice is a strange and wonderous road.

With all this swimming in my head, the interesting talks we were invited to and a visit to “the Booth”: a behind the scenes look at the cinema and the print studio, I am left even more bewildered when I discover that you can print on to anything! Anything! Why I had not known this before I do not know, but I know it now and I am rethinking my lines of inquiry with regards to my sculptures. Maybe the magic and mystery of printmaking is in my future after all?

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