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Spiralling into control

The rehydration of buff willow and shaping it to form the structure of a new sculpture was a success….my feeling towards it was not.

Part of this journey of study I am on is learning to recognize when you have taken a backwards step, and then assessing why this happened. In this instance I was feeling the pressure of deadlines, new modules to study and a general inability to think, feel or make any cohesive decisions. Deep breath, put away the Willow and remember the shift that happened last semester.

Wood. Stone. Metal.

Carving worlds within worlds,

Tendrils of life drifting on tide and shore; sustenance for the soul…..Tendrillar was born.

This sculpture is to be exhibited at the Loch Torridon Gallery, (a community run gallery) as part of the “Out There in Torridon – Catching The Tide” exhibition. I used Scots Pine for the main body of the sculpture and gathered stones from Loch Torridon shoreline to spiral up the height of it.

Historically the Scots Pine covered more than half the land mass in the area and though they have now receded they maintain an evocative presence. Torridon itself is made up of Torridonian Sandstone, Cambrian Quartzite and Lewisham Gneiss, all very dense stone with a warm, rich colour. In using wood and stone I wanted to explore the aspects time and resilience of not just the biotic and abiotic components of the environment, but the people who eek out a living there to this day, without drawing attention to the suffering through the ages.

Torridon for me is a contemplative, meditative place and I wanted to convey this in my use of materials and colours. These tendrils of life, feelings, thoughts and the ever present optimism to be found on the west coast of Scotland led to me naming the piece “Tendrillar”.

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