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Collaboration, cohorts and conundrums….

It is 11am on a Monday morning and I am sitting in the mini bus with the rest of my class of degree students. We are all in various states of terror, quietly hoping for some mechanical gremlin to “fix” the engine so that it does not run…..the engine starts…..sigh…..

Our Collaborative Project class is meeting with our counterparts from Perth UHI today at the Kingussie Folk Museum. We are told to have ready our presentations so that we can show each other our respective work and get to know each other. The building is warm and full of light. The energy in the room is high: a mix of excitement and trepidation….Is my work of a standard to be shown to other students; open to judgement….and oh my, the lecturers are taking notes! With pens at the ready they are actually listening attentively to each of us in turn. I had not bargained on this!!!

Seeing others reflect the same emotions as you are feeling is reassuring however, and participating in an intervention (the results of which are in the above photograph), made more tolerable too: two teams of bewildered and slightly panicked students wandering around trying to “be” the art is a sight to behold…..all part of the journey….next chapter please!

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