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Artist Statement


My work has a strong aesthetic base. At the beginning of each body of work, I research new themes and ideas but there is still continuity in that I am continually seeking to enable the viewer to connect with nature and a sense of well-being.

Current themes include synthetic happiness and natural happiness, a sense of belonging and connection to nature as well as exploration of reality and expectation.

My main method of working is sculptural, using wood, metal, fibre and found objects. This involves learning new skills such as welding, utilizing connections with other artisans and using skills learnt through past employment and experiments.

My work has a multidimensional, multi-layered feel to it, allowing the viewer to take from it what they need. I love this ambiguous way of working using abstract forms and different materials which allows me to enjoy the process and I revel in these different interpretations of the sculptures I create.

I like to create a sense of movement and flow in my work and go adventuring through the Scottish Highlands capturing images, textures and details with my camera. These details are then transformed into thoughts and emotions, usually using mind-mapping as a means to focus in on the essence of the piece I create.

This inner knowing that we all have and very often ignore is a constant source of fascination for me. Connecting with memory and my sense of time and place is at the forefront of my work and my ability to see the beauty in this topsy turvy world is what sustains me through my day.

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