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Artist Statement of Intent


Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind.

I am always drawn to nature to calm my senses and I often ponder on the transience of happiness.

I am currently investigating the ascending and descending scale of my own reality and expectations of happiness using spirals as a means to visually depict my experience of self and how I relate to external and internal processes. It is my intention to create a series of sculptural pieces that explore my expectations of happiness, using a mix of natural materials and found objects.

In recent work I predominantly used white to convey light, positive action and safety then introduced earthy tones and colours to add a sense of warmth and contentment.

The sculptures themselves will be a mix of free standing, wall-mounted and suspended pieces and will be displayed in a variety of locations including galleries and site specific settings. I will actively seek to cultivate my sense of peace and happiness so that the viewer can be enabled to tap into my peaceful positive state of mind with my use of colour and form, balance and counter balance, textures and movement.

My initial sculptures will be completed by October, so that they meet the required deadlines. Beyond this date, I will continue to develop and to experiment with materials to familiarize myself with their limits and how they respond to the message I am conveying.

Through making connections with nature, I continue to get closer to understanding my own happiness and what is required to maintain it, balancing my reality with my expectations.




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