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Details, deadlines and dreams…

He creates a bridge between the spatial illusion of the flat surface and the concrete reality of the three-dimensional sculpture.” This is Reinoud Oudshoorn, a sculpter that plays with the illusion between 2D and 3D. Take a look at his sculptures using the link and explore his work, see what you feel it says.

The thing that I am beginning to understand is that because we all relate to art differently, all we can do when we experience art is do exactly that: experience it! Looking at Reinoud Oudshoorn’s work I connect with the light and depth of his work and this is something I try to convey in my own work. Currently I am still trying to come to terms with last semesters sudden shift in the way in which I explore the world shifting from fibre to carved wood and metal…..I now have a CD case or two or three with something for the CD Collection at the Inchmore Gallery ( ) as well as a competition piece for the Scottish Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016 ( and on top of that there is Out There in Torridon, Catching the Tide exhibition, (

 All happening in October! Eek!! So when the sky is the limit, how do I reign myself in and begin?

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