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Colour me HAPPY

This is one of the “Moo Crew” currently being exhibited at the Beechwood Campus, Inverness College. Designed by creative children between the ages of 9 and 14 years of age, the Moo Crew were the result of a competition to showcase Scottish farming.

Today is my induction into (wait for it the title is a bit long winded): BA Hons Contemporary Art and Contextualized Practice. This is intrinsically a degree course that will facilitate all us hopeful, eager students to work collaboratively with people in the public realm. I am very excited….and so nervous I can barely breathe!

We are told by two of our respective lecturers that we are to continue working on our own art practices; researching, developing and producing art whilst at the same time learning to work collaboratively with other students within the creative industries and to explore the possibility of stepping outside our comfort zones and working alongside “non” creative folk too!

So, my thought is, when tasked with recording who and where we are now on one side of a tag and who and where we hope to be in 5 years on the other side, to position my tag in place first. I go to the designated area, tie on my tag and quietly sit to wait and watch. Many people follow suit, placing tags in the same general location as mine. Some vary the trend and add their tags in small clusters….this all leads to me asking the questions: how do we define happy? What are the parameters of happiness and why can happiness be so transient and illusive?

Placing my tag in a position of light, close to the water and freedom from the enclosed concrete mass that surrounded me, made me feel happy. People will usually follow a lead in an activity, giving moments of relief and tapping in to “happy” when choices need to be made and doubt or uncertainty prevails. Some people are better equipped to stand alone or to make there own marks, grabbing hope with both hands and tying it to a tree! That is where I would like to be: up there, closer to the clouds and fluttering in the breeze; stronger, happier and supported.

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