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Change is in the air…..


So that’s me. I have officially completed and passed my HND in Contemporary Art Practice. My journey of learning is not yet done as I shall be embarking upon the third year of the degree in September: BA Hons in Contemporary Art and Contextualized Practice no less.

New horizons to explore with new mediums to investigate. I have shocked myself by using very different materials in my work and slowly but surely I am beginning to feel more centered. Believing always that we must work with our own innate ability to tap into deepest reserves and challenge ourselves on a daily basis, I am excited to see what I will achieve in the next academic year.


Synchronicity is made from Birch and found objects and I love the contours and the textures I achieved. It is slightly larger than A3 and sits nicely against the wall but it could be freestanding too as it is attached to 3mm perspex.


Out of the Ruins is made with galvanised steel mesh and native trees and I am particularly proud of this foray into the unknown, using metal for the first time. It stands approximately 4 feet high on a Birch plinth made from the same log as I used for Synchronicity.


Both of these pieces will shortly go to the Torridon Gallery, ( on the West coast of Scotland after the exhibition is finished at college. Wow….my over riding thought is that trusting in the process is ultimately what will continue getting me through the day and with the highs and lows in this wonderful life we have, what a leap of faith that is!

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