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It’s the little things in life…


I’m not at college today. Remedial week is upon us and I am in all honesty, feeling a little trepidation. I have successfully completed my first semester in the second year of my Higher National Diploma and I am about to embark on my final semester. Therein lies my problem…..endings…. Already navigating the grayness of winter, I am worrying about the ramifications of being unable to focus. Distractions abound!

Time unfurls and Spring is upon us. Another break in the schedule and the Easter break comes and goes; as does my creative thinking. Oh my, the machinations of the creative mind… I wish I had been gifted with a scientific brain with all it’s linear thinking. Enough already………

So, I have been looking at “New Beginnings” as an extension of “Identity” from the previous semester. We become stuck in patterns of old in this life and it can be most challenging to recognise and change these patterns of behaviour. This poses a difficulty: if we do not know that we are repeating past mistakes and we continue to make poor choices, how do we grow and develop? Well, invariably I look to Nature for my answers. If we look at the nature of a tree, we observe that it stands alone and takes its nutrients from the earth and the sky that surround it. As the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise our soil and give life to critters large and small. They provide us with the materials for tools and shelter and enable us be in a space where we can refocus and simply be.

With this in mind I have produced an artwork that will be representative of the individual within a collective community, showing how we can all stand strong in our own power whist at the same time offering support to those around us without judgement or stigma attached to the differences that we display or those innate parts of ourselves that make us who we are. The woodlands in our midst have far greater significance than most of us realise. More of us are becoming aware however, and this awareness is what will allow us to experience and share our new beginnings together, supported, loved and better equipped to embrace ourselves and others with unconditional positive regard.

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