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Identifying with nature

Silk Oak Collage

A walk in the woods. The smell of leaf litter pervades my senses and I breathe with greater ease and I smile from the inside out. For me, being out in our wild places fills my Soul with hope and helps to keep me centred.  In my work I explore how we intuitively know how to connect or reconnect with ourselves but very often we do not see that communing with Nature as a tangible or defined way of healing.

This is the second of three projects I am working on for my Digital Media class and I have mixed a photographic image with some Nuno felting that I made for my 2D Mixed Media class with a photograph of a local oak tree. My aim is to bring light and the healing power of nature to the viewer and to encourage the belief that no matter how dark your day can seem, there is light around you.

I started by putting a base layer of white on Photoshop and then dropped in the image of the textured Nuno felt. Dragging and dropping the Oak leaf image next, I used the magic wand in Photoshop and began to capture the shape of the Oak leaf. I then dragged this layer over to the side and then clicked on paste, moving the image of the leaf around until I was happy with the position.

I love the way the skeletal appearance of the leaf allows the colour from below to show through from the lower layer. Still looking at identity with this set of images, I will explore texture and form and how light penetrates even the darkest of places and gives life and hope.

I am currently learning how to capture and upload sound to use as a backdrop for the moving images and video footage. It is indeed, more difficult than I thought it would be to record the sound I need without background noise or distortion coming through.
So here we go: another learning curve to navigate.


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