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Exploring Identity


Who am I? A question we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. I have come to realise that we are on an ever evolving journey in which we change our ways of being in a multitude of ways.

Our core values will very often remain intact: linked to our nurturing and our nature, but the subtleties in our day to day existence can morph and mutate and leave us with a bewildering array of responses to our daily life.

Exploring identity for me began with looking at the masks I wear. I created a mask using Alpaca fibre for another class. This piece is called Emergence and I photographed it in its early stages and produced an image that has an edge of fear associated with it. It is full of shadow and texture and a sense of waiting. I layered the image of Emergence over a blank white layer in Photoshop. Using the lasso tool I outlined the face and then selected inverse. Using the rubber, I removed the background noise in the image and deselected. I combined this image  with an image of the city I was born in, sliding the opacity bar down and adding a colour burn to the edit. The result was an image that for me, portrays the blend of ingredients that make me who I am.


I have taken a series of photographs that relate to me and my own life journey and I will combine these images to form a digital media piece in the next semester of college. This will be one of three options that will eventually become one final piece. My other options will be outlined in other blogs. Watch this space.

Photoshop and photographic manipulation continues to be a challenge for me and I am proud of what I am beginning to achieve. I no longer torture myself with thoughts from the Id of my failure to accomplish everything straight away. Time, persistence and being gentle with myself is paying off. Learning to reach out to others is also a skill I am acquiring. The surprise is, that reaching out for help is actually bringing me closer to people and not distancing me the way I always imagined it would.

Learning can be a joyous process.

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