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My Dad and I used to walk. We walked and we talked and sometimes we just sat and enjoyed each other’s silent company. Precious moments.
My Dad has dementia now; too many cigarettes. Now he’s lost in the mists of time. Present but not present.
Part of what I’m attempting to achieve with my work is to help people connect with those precious moments and to focus on the knowledge that even in the darkest days of winter, there is light and spring is only just around the corner. For each step we take spring comes closer and life is renewed: a mysterious awakening in which we remember that life is good and full of love. This journey through our memories will be explored for one of my production pieces for digital media.

By using layers in Photoshop I created this double exposure showing mine and my Dads legs whilst out walking. My daughter also walked with us on many occasions and so I combined our footseps in the sand from a walk my daughter and I went on, on a beach in Northumberland. By flipping the image of our legs and lowering the opacity in this second layer, I found that I could then effectively use the move tool to place our feet over the footsteps in the sand. I love the ghosting effect this creates and it evokes in me a sense that we are connected to our family and our experiences at all times, even when at times we may feel isolated from those connections through illness, distance or bereavement.

The key to staying in touch with our own identity can be found in these moments.


  1. I have been talking with a friend about the importance of relationships and this is a beautiful reminder of their power. Cultures that do not engage in our western obsession with “stuff” consider time spent with others their most valuable resource and treasure. So can we xxxx

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